4 Reasons to Outsource your Content Creation

As more traditional advertising approaches fall out of favour, companies are increasingly expanding their content marketing budgets. Content is king, now, with smart businesses investing in the digital channels which are such an integral part of success.

But what happens when the writing aspect of this form of marketing becomes too overwhelming for your business? The answer is much simpler than you think: outsource.


Generating Quality Content

When you choose to outsource, you’ll be tapping in to all the benefits of having an expert writer on your team. You can access top-notch content and a consistent voice for your business, generated by someone with a wealth of experience. This experience may not be industry specific (this is where creating a brilliant creative brief alongside a client comes in to play), but it will provide invaluable insight into content trends and best practice as well as clear, readable, and above all interesting, articles, blogs, and social media posts. You can also expect to learn a lot about getting the best stakeholder engagement from your carefully crafted articles, graphics or videos.


Optimised Exposure

Good content writers not only give your brand or campaign a boost, but they can also rapidly increase traffic to your website. By generating a regular stream of blog articles which use strategic keywords, your writer connects your business with related ideas, news and trends, drawing consumers in. This way, people who haven’t directly searched for material which features on your site will still be directed to your pages via your blog.

Diversifying your website in this way provides more opportunities for potential clients to discover you and great quality writing gives the excellent first impression that converts website visitors into loyal customers.


Don’t Break the Budget

You might want to keep your website or social media channels up to date with fresh content weekly or even daily, but this still doesn’t necessarily justify hiring a full-time writer for your team. Your own marketing manager might be full of brilliant ideas, but keeping content fresh can prove a major drag on his or her time each week. Outsourcing is a great alternative; you only pay for the hours that you need to get the job done, and this is guaranteed to be less than a full-time salary.


Ideas and Insight

The idea of generating fresh content for your site can be overwhelming when you’re in the thick of managing your day-to-day business. When you pull in experts, you can work together to create a planned, strategic approach to your content marketing, giving thought to long term impacts as well as shorter term gains for your campaign or product. An outsourced writer can help you identify target audiences and prioritise the news and topics which will best engage site visitors. There are always competing needs within a business, with different departments wanting to get a ‘look in’; making sure that each area of your business is properly supported can prove challenging. An experienced agency can provide a fresh pair of eyes on things, ensuring that you can present proven strategies, plans and processes for your content creation back to your team. You’ll start gaining traction and seeing results quickly.

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