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When we set up Be More, we considered Serendipity as a name for the company. The dictionary definition of serendipity, the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way, accurately sums up how Be More came to exist.

Louisa and I were both freelancers who knew each other professionally. I took on a small project at St Mary’s Shaftesbury which quickly grew into a request for a complete reimagining of the school’s brand and communications strategies and I was soon looking for someone with a complementary skill-set to take the task on with me. One chance encounter with Louisa in a supermarket later, and a fabulous job-share was born.

Once we’d completed the rebrand, new website and complete set of marketing materials for St Mary’s, we began looking for a new challenge, and rather than return to freelancing separately made the decision to launch a business together. We’ve since been faced with the somewhat ‘meta’ task of making the branding and marketing decisions about a branding and marketing business, and we’ve loved every minute of it.


Choosing a Name

Naming your business is not something to rush. There may be pressure to incorporate and get things set up, but this is the keystone of your venture and needs to be something you’re proud of, something that ‘fits’. We’ll save all our advice for choosing a name for your brand for a future blog, but in summary: brainstorm, brainstorm and brainstorm again. The whole process will help you to start asking the right ideas about your business or campaign and its target audience. Keep taking notes; you’ll forget the things you swear you won’t forget. Refining core issues at an early stage will pay huge dividends later and means that when you at last come up with the right name, it fits like a glove.

Leave nothing off the table; be open to all suggestions, even when you’re not consciously investigating possibilities. The name Be More grew out of a chance, ‘off duty’ conversation discussing unusual nicknames…!

Branding- A logo that you love

Don’t underestimate the importance of investing in your branding. You may have a working knowledge of InDesign or Photoshop, but nothing beats the creative input of an expert, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to get what you need. A rebrand later in the day to update a poorly conceived initial idea can be time-consuming and very expensive.

Working with a designer to create a logo which speaks volumes about your business, campaign or product means you need to work out a creative brief- essential for crystallising what you do and who you want to tell about it.


Your Message

It may feel like you need to be all things to all people when you’re getting a new business or campaign off the ground, but that approach will lead to disappointment; for you and your clients. A targeted approach is essential to make sure your voice isn’t lost. Naturally, things will develop as your business grows or your campaign reaches different milestones but having a clear mission and a sense of cohesion at the beginning is like putting in solid foundations for a new building. It makes everything that follows that little bit easier.   Creating a ‘Core Values’ document or mission statement is a straightforward exercise you can do on your own, with a consultant or with a marketing agency. Be More is all about amplifying your message; be better heard, better understood, better known; your ideas and ambitions are grist to our mill.


A Unique Website

We often see people in business groups on Facebook discussing whether to use a site builder for their website. When budget is an issue, this template approach is tempting, but rarely the right solution. Not only do the limits of template builders soon become obvious when you want to change, adapt or develop your site, but you also compromise an opportunity to look unique.

The same is true of web-hosting and site-building businesses which specialise in providing sites for your sector. Gone are the days when people could afford to be ignorant about the importance of SEO and functionality and outsource the design and maintenance of a site to ‘experts’. Having someone on your team, or access to consultants, who understand how to optimise your site as an ongoing part of your marketing plan is essential. Paying over the odds for someone to manage your site is unnecessary and can mean you end up looking just like everyone else in your sector.

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