Case Study: PointView Resources

PointView Resources came to us with a common problem.  They had a smart website but their business lacked any ‘zing’.  Their social media visuals had been created along with the site and were in desperate need of a refresh.  The story behind this digital finance recruitment specialist had been lost in an overly corporate look.

We know there’s a story behind any business, even one which at first glance looks rather specialist! Digital finance is a fast-moving, high-tech field, and PointView recruits for some of the top companies in the world.  But it’s also a sector which is acutely aware it needs to move with the times, and PointView wants to be a part of this.  The business is built on an invigorated model, new to the recruitment sector, where presenteeism is discouraged, flexible working is the norm and results, rather than time spent in the office, are measured.

Adding Depth to Visuals

The first thing we did for PointView was to re-imagine their visual profile, taking their strong brand and colours but introducing some more lively photography and meaningful messages. As is commonly known, we’re still human enough to prefer social media imagery which shows us people, so we updated PointView’s suite of materials with a number of photos designed to increase reach and engagement.

Pulling together a look for a business with strong European and global connections, and an instinct for staying ahead of the curve in terms of employee satisfaction meant we had a world of possibilities to work with.

Steadying the Social Media Helm

Next, we developed a sustainable, targeted social media strategy and schedule to balance PointView’s objectives of reaching potential clients, potential applicants and potential staff for themselves.  These three different audiences required subtly different messaging, but the over-arching theme was that PointView Resources was a business with its finger on the pulse- the right port of call if you were looking for a well-qualified employee, a job with one of the digital-finance big-hitters, or a flexible recruitment role in London.

Brightening the Brand

Our advice for businesses developing their colour palette is that they should have a minimum of two or three primary colours and the same number of secondary colours.  One of the issues for PointView was that they were limited to the initial palette they’d been given when their website was developed.  Too few colours can make a brand’s visuals feel ‘flat’, whether it’s online, or in print- too many, of course, can result in a busy or chaotic feel.

Our designer came up with options for an expansion of the PointView palette which gave us all a bit of flexibility when it came to the design of email templates and other company output.

Getting a Great Report

The next part of the project we needed to get our teeth into was PointView’s annual employment survey report.  This is a go-to document for people working in the digital finance sector, researching employment and salary trends and benchmarks.  Having got the survey out to the right crowd of people early in the year (with a tempting prize to encourage them to submit their answers!), we got down to designing the report.

Here we needed to strike a balance between readability and interest and making the report a convincing, serious offering.  We were able to experiment with a few different infographic approaches, working with PointView to make sure we were getting the right messages across and were pleased to produce an interesting summary of this year’s findings which was exhaustive, without being exhausting to read!

On the Horizon

Next up, we’ll be reinventing the PointView e-newsletter and look forward to continuing our partnership with PointView.

Are you looking for a brand refresh, some new collateral or the creation of a white paper or e-book?

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