Case Study: Jackson Stops Estate Agency

The Jackson Stops group of estate agents takes a completely tailored approach to residential sales and lettings. The network of branches is run by a consortium of members, who each able run their own office according to the needs of the area they serve; and this includes their approach to marketing and PR.

Be More were pleased to be invited to one of the Dorset branches of Jackson Stops to discuss the value and potential of social media marketing, and we proposed a bespoke approach which would involve us developing the Jackson Stops Blandford Forum social media platforms before handing management of them back to the team with ongoing training and support in place.

Like many small businesses, Jacksons knew there was potential in social media marketing which could benefit them and tell the story of their unique offering, but they didn’t know how to make this happen. Their Instagram and Facebook accounts were established, but with irregular activity, little or no direct engagement with followers, and a limited number of people following the accounts. Be More took full control of the accounts for a six-week period, tasked with building an organic following and developing a rhythm of sustainable, regular posting achieving the greatest possible impact without becoming a time-sapping part of running the day-to-day business of estate agency.

An in-depth analysis of the approach taken by other Jackson Stops offices, estate agencies both in Dorset and around the country, and other successful local businesses, fed in to our knowledge of best practice to make Instagram, in particular, work for a business (rather than the other way around, where the business is working for Instagram!).  Be More put in place a formula for making sure that there was a regular system of posting, engaging and outreach, and that this system could be monitored via an easy-to-use spreadsheet.  We used a scheduling package to make it possible to devote short chunks of time to social media activity throughout the week, rather than it having to be a constant concern.

By increasing the regularity of posts, broadening their content and spending time engaging with other, relevant businesses, individuals and influencers, we were able to increase the Instagram following of Jackson Stops Blandford Forum by 61% over the course of four weeks.  This kind of steady, organic growth translates into reliable brand-building and brand-familiarity both locally and nationally.

At the end of our period of full-management, Be More held a training session for staff at Jacksons, equipping them with the tools they would need to continue to develop and grow their social media relationships, but, crucially, without demanding too much of their time.  We have now entered a period of phased withdrawal, where we will continue to offer further short training sessions to the team (on analytics, sponsored posts and stories) and give support to them as they make social media activity a regular part of their marketing strategy and routines.

Developing the Jacksons brand, with its local knowledge and reach which spans everything from London employment trends, countryside pursuits, interiors, and family life, to architecture and local community matters, was a great project to work on, with dedicated, engaged team keen to learn more about how social media can work for a small business.  The feedback from Jacksons was super to receive, and we’re looking forward to continuing our work with them on this, and other marketing projects.

“Be More have provided outstanding management of our social media accounts, telling a compelling, astute story about Jackson Stops Blandford Forum.  As we move into the second phase of our work with them, they are giving us the tools and training we need to run the accounts ourselves and use them to build our brand in the most effective ways possible.  We look forward to continuing to work with Be More!” Simon Milledge, Director

Need some advice on how to make social media work for your business?  We can provide a full service of social media marketing management across all the most popular channels, offer in-house training for your team to make sure you’re getting the most out of social media whether you’re a school, SME or charity, or Be More can take on your social media management for a short period to audit its use and come up with a long-term strategy for you to carry out.

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